SWICA Dragon Carnival Theatre Project 2010

Hugely impressive in its use of spectacular Carnival costumes, stilts performers and high energy Carnival dance…a breath of fresh air, “DRAGON” deserves to become an ambassador for Wales. Combined Arts Services Director Pax Nindi

In the summer of 2010 Cardiff’s kaleidoscopic cacophony of colour, dance, circus and music, SWICA brought us the spectacular DRAGON Carnival Show. Featuring Wonderbrass and Samba sensations Batatan the troupe of dancers, actors and musicians re-told the magical story of Wales’ iconic dragon emblem. Hosted by Merlin himself the show was a flamboyant array of funky beats, crazy costumes and dizzying dancing.

A vibrant, spectacular and inclusive piece of street entertainment. Featuring a cast of over 50, DRAGON tapped into a rich seam of Welsh folklore and incorporated a heady mix of world-wide carnival influences, including West African and Caribbean drumming, Brazilian Capoeira and acrobatic stilt-jumping action