With gigs taking us up and down the country and the Heritage Lottery Funded project keeping us on our toes, we’ve had a busy old year!

Here are just a few highlights from what has been an absolutely fantastic year…so far:

Making music videos
Last February, braving the icy temperatures, Wonderbrass teamed up with filmmaker Joe Marvelly to make the music video for Dr Rob’s tune Santes Dwynwen Shuffle. 

The video features Jacob’s Market and Tiny Rebel, where we combined our Mardi Gras party gig with a filming session to capture the genuine Wonderbrass gig atmosphere – see how many familiar faces you can spot.

WB25  performanceBringing all of the hard work of the past 18 months together was a definite high point for Wonderbrass. Reuniting members from across the years, showcasing the music we’d all worked so hard to learn and generally celebrating 25 years of Wonderbrass was a truly memorable night.

Volvo boat race

“I loved getting up at 3am for the yacht race! I’ve never played my trumpet at that time of the morning before and it was fun to spend the early hours with the Wonderfamily. We made it a special occasion for the yachts arriving after their epic journey”

Wonderbrass, always eager for a challenge, were on call to welcome the competitors in the Volvo Yacht Race as they arrived in Cardiff Bay. Being on standby to be gig ready at a moments notice at any hour of the day or night was nevertheless one of last year’s most enjoyable moments

Wonder Wedding
2018 saw our pink-haired flute player Caz wedding trombone playing Iain at the famous Wonder-haunt – the Druidstone. A great day of celebration for us all!

Rolling Stones
It’s not every day you’re asked to play brass covers of Rolling Stones songs on the radio. So when Mick, Keith and the others were in town for their Cardiff gig we were delighted when Heart Radio Cardiff invited us to do just that. Now we’ve added five new Rolling Stones tracks to our repertoire.

We’ve been playing regular nights at Porter’s in Cardiff, where we try to showcase some of our new material. Join us on the 2nd Thursday of every 3rd month at Porter’s to get a glimpse of our new material!

What’s next?
With the Wonderbrass25 project finally drawing to a close we’ll be inviting you all to join us for a night of wine and reminiscence at USW’s Atrium campus.

We’ll be screening the documentary films of the project and sharing stories from the past 25 years of Wonderbrass. Watch this space for more details soon!