Dancing on Table Mountain soloing resource

This is a piece I wrote in the late 80’s and now here it is for Wonderbrass!


Chords are C /// | F/// | G/// | C/// | repeated throughout.

It’s a township swing feel like Mandela – in fact its very similar to Mandela overall except in a different key. So Diatonic is good b(C major in your key), but experiment with flattening the VII, III, and V.

The tune has ‘wrong’ notes i.e. notes that don’t fit the chord that is
playing – so be bold, be rhythmic and don’t worry about the chords too much.

Play along with the backing track


A is always 4 bars long B is always 8 bars long.
2 x B played slowly (117 bpm) for an intro

Then these is a drum pick-up into 8 bars establishing the rhythm section at a new speed (133 bpm) then:
Solo over A (16 bars)
BB (rallentando over last two bars)
That’s it.

Sheet music for the tune