Daisy Roots soloing resource


Below on the first stave is a G myxolydian scale in concert pitch.

On the stave below is the same scale but with ‘blue notes’ added – a flattened III and a flattened V (Bb and C sharp respectively).

On the third stave are the chord tones as the chords change – the number below each chord tells you how long each chord lasts.

The mental map I make when soloing on Daisy Roots superimposes the shifting chords onto the scale so that the chord tones in white become the safe notes for the duration of that chord and the ones outside the chord (the non-chord tones) in black are used as passing notes.

Try it.

And once you can do this mapping with this piece then the system works for any jazz piece though the chord sequence, the mode/scale and the overall complexity of the map may vary.

The chords for this major 12 bar are:
G G G G C7 C7 G G D7#9 C7 G G
with each chord representing a bar (so 4 bars of G at beginning, etc…)

Play along with the backing track

Sheet music for the tune