Acceptable in the 80s soloing resource

By Calvin Harris. Arranged by Mark O’Connor


The soloing pattern is (in concert)

  • D major
  • F major
  • Bb major
  • A major.

You can also try D major pentatonic, or D blues if you’d prefer rather than moving around the chords.

The piece is beat heavy so it’s a great idea to prioritise the rhythm for soloing over it, for example strong crotchet ideas, sticking on the beat throughout, or alternatively throwing in a few upbeat ideas. For example, moving between one phrase with all of the notes on the beat, then adding in one off beat in the next phrase, 2 off beats in the next phrase, then three off beats for the final phrase, and then repeating the sequence.

Have a play with the backing tracks linked below and see what works for you!

Play along with the backing track

There’s a slow version and a fast version so you can practise getting your fingers around the notes of the tune and your solo slowly, then have a go at the faster one when you’re ready.


  • Backings
  • Bass Line
  • Intro
  • A
  • A / intro
  • B
  • Solo x 8 bars / Backings
  • Intro / Backings
  • Backings to fade

Sheet music for the tune